Here's how you set it up:

  1.  Go to your app store Apple phones here or the app store for Android here and look for Fearless Finance. You will see a free option: "Get". Download it.
  2. Use the same user id and password you used for the online Fearless Finance platform and sign in.
  3. IF YOU WANT THE APP TO SCRAPE YOUR TRANSACTIONS FROM YOUR BANK AND CREDIT CARD, go to "account" and click "new." Find your bank/credit card and link it. Interaction with your bank/credit card is done by Plaid (they do Venmo). I have NO access to any bank info. Don't see your bank/credit card, email me. 
  4. Once your bank/credit cards are linked, go to "home," you will see the familiar progress bars for Groceries and Blue Points. click either bar to see your expenses in that category.Click "expenses" at the top to see ALL you linked expenses including non-grocery/non-blue points expenses in black.
  5. Your Blue Points and Groceries target amounts will be pre-loaded from the online platform.
  6. Your app will be set to the current month, but you can set the month with the month box on top. You can also see past transactions (once you are tracking) by changing to the month you want to view.  
  7. If you DON'T WANT TO LINK ACCOUNTS, you can manually add transactions by clicking either Groceries or Blue points and clicking "new."

 Things to REMEMBER:

  1. if your accounts are linked and there is a transaction that cannot be auto-categorized, e.g. "PayPal Bob Smith", it will show as BLACK UNCATEGORIZED.  Once the transaction is no longer "pending," you can click "uncategorized items" and SWIPE RIGHT FOR BLUE POINTS AND LEFT FOR GROCERIES. If it is neither, click the "other" button and it will not affect your progress bar. YOU CANNOT CATEGORIZE UNCATEGORIZED TRANSACTIONS UNTIL THEY ARE PROCESSED (no longer pending), which could take a day or two. This is a bank thing.
  2. You may see a transactions disappear for a few hours. This is ALSO A BANK thing, as it changes from pending to processed. Don't worry, just check back in a few hours. 
  3. To re-categorize or change a transaction, hold your finger on the transaction and you will get an edit screen.

 Any constructive feedback or comments, please email

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