1. What are Blue Points?  Basically it’s all the fun stuff (here's a list). Any food not prepared in your kitchen, mani/pedi, tickets to anything, hobbies, housewares and any clothes (including make-up, jewelry, and fancy skincare).  It’s also anything for your kids that’s not medical or childcare/tuition. 
  2. What does the progress bar do? Fearless Finance shows you how much you’ve spent so far in the month, and how much you have left to spend. Your progress bar shows you visually, and the numbers below it show you exactly how much you’ve spent and how much you have left to go for that specific category in the current calendar month. 
  3. Are band-aids in groceries? Yes, anything you can buy at a supermarket or grocery store is considered “groceries” even if you cannot eat it. Groceries includes paper towels, sponges, shampoo you find at the supermarket (not the fancy stuff).
  4. What month should I start? Generally, you should start on the first day of the next calendar month. If it’s July 18th, start on August 1st. If it’s early in the month, like May 4the, start on May 1st. If it’s the 15th, use your judgment, either next month or this one.
  5.  What is ‘Other’?  The Other category is for all the other expenses your household pays for each month. We believe you don’t have to monitor things that don’t change very much each month. Just the full discretionary spending and groceries, so other could get pretty big for you, but don’t worry, if you’re following your Fearless Finance plan and tracking your Blue Points and Groceries you should be fine.
  6. How do I add a new transaction? If you linked your accounts, your transactions will automatically come into your app pre-categorized. You will only need to categorize the ones we could not figure out (uncategorized). If you want to add an expense manually (maybe you paid for it with cash), then click “new” either on the “expenses”  or “uncategorized” screen and add it. 
  7. How do I delete or edit a transaction? Find the transaction you want to delete or edit. Hold your finger down on the transaction for a second and an edit screen will come up. You can change the amount, category, name and date. You can also delete the transaction from this screen.
  8. How do I change my password? Click “Account” at the bottom of your home screen and click Reset Password.
  9. How can I change my notifications? Click “Account” at the bottom of your home screen, and click “notifications.”  Click “edit” to edit your preferences.
  10. What if I return a purchase? If you return a purchase, your checking account or credit card will be credited with the amount of the return. If you linked your accounts, once the return credit hits your checking account or credit card, Fearless Finance will see you have a credit and reduce your progress bar by that amount.
  11. Can I download my transactions? Yes, you have to download them from the online platform. Go back to www.fearlessfinance.com and click Transactions Dashboard. 
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