We've said from the start that you don't have to link your accounts to Fearless Finance to get your Summary Report and be able to see how you are doing financially and where you can do better.  

But, if you want to see what you actually spent in the last 30 days in our categories OR you want to be able to monitor your Blue Points full discretionary spending on an ongoing monthly basis without having to enter each transactions in manually, you may want to link your accounts. 

Linking your accounts allows you to make your estimates in the "monthly expenses" screen with the full knowledge of what you spent the previous month in categories like "eating out" or "entertainment."  It might help you with your estimates. It's sometimes really surprising to see that you spent $400 on eating out last month when you might have only estimated $200/month, because you didn't know how much you spent.

For ongoing monitoring of your Full Discretionary Blue Points spending, we recommend you link your accounts. That way, whenever you buy a coffee or see a movie, it will come up auto-categorized as Blue Points in your app. If we see an expense we can't categorize (e.g. Paypal - Joe Smith), it will appear as "uncategorized" and you can either use the drop down menu on the web platform, or on your mobile app, you can swipe right for Blue Points and left for Groceries or click other. 

Your decision. Think about what makes sense for you.

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