What are Blue Points?

Blue Points are the amount of money you have each month to spend on full discretionary purchases like clothes, kid's stuff, tickets to anything, a last-minute getaway, or dinner out. Each month, you get a new batch of Blue Points. As long as you stay within the amount you have (and watch your groceries, too), you should have enough in your checking account to pay for your other expenses like rent, utilities and car payments.

How many Blue Points do you have?

Remember when we did your Monthly Targets? You had a total at the bottom in each expense group, Yellow, Green and Blue. The total in Blue is your Blue Points. This is the total amount for your household. If you're married, you have to split this amount between you and your spouse. You don't need to split it evenly, you should split it based on who does most of the buying for your household like things for your house, children, vacations, fun outings like movies, etc. You may not get the split right the first time, but after a month or two, you'll get it.

What expenses are Blue Points? (it's basically anything fun)

Quick List of Blue Points Categories

  •  Wine, beer and drinks
  •  Eating out, Take Out, Snacks
  •  Kids' activities, toys, equipment, diapers
  •  Taxis, Ubers, Car share (not for work)
  •  Charity, tithing, and Donations
  •  All clothes, bags, make-up, jewelry
  •  Sports equipment, hobbies and collections
  •  Books, video on demand, Itunes, hulu, etc.
  •  Tickets to anything
  •  Manicure, pedicure, massage
  •  Occasional babysitting
  •  Parking tickets, fines, penalties
  •  Gifts, birthday parties, celebrations
  •  Housewares, hardware, storage bins
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