One of the great things about Fearless Finance is you don't have to link your accounts if you don't want to, but if you want to link your accounts and see what your actual spending was in our categories for the last 30 days, you can do it easily. We work with Plaid (they do Venmo), to create a fully secure link to your accounts. 

Click "Link your accounts" (orange button at top) on the Monthly Expenses screen. You will be brought to Fearless Finances Transaction Dashboard. Click "connect an account" (orange button at top). Once you click this button, you are brought into Plaid's secure space. 

Look for your bank amount the hundreds of choices Plaid offers. If you don't see your bank, type the first few letters of your bank's name in the search box. Once you've found your bank, click it. Type in your username and password (or whatever you use to sign into your online bank account with that bank) and you will see your accounts come up.

Link only the accounts you want. For example, you may have a business checking account AND household checking account, savings account and credit card. You only need to link your credit card and household checking to see what you spent in your household last month. Just click the accounts you want to link as shown below.

Once you've linked the accounts you want to link from that bank, click Continue and you will go back to our Transactions Dashboard. If you have other banks you want to link, click "connect an account" again and choose the next bank.

Give it a few seconds. You will then see a list of your last 30 days transactions and they will be auto categorized by Fearless Finance. Check to make sure we didn't categorize something incorrectly.  If we did, use the drop down menu to change the category to the right one. Click "save and continue" at the bottom to go back to the Monthly Expenses screen. You will now see your Actual spending in each category, which can help you with your estimates. 

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