Have you ever wondered how your household accounts should be organized or have you been frustrated by the number of accounts you have? Fearless Finance has developed an account organization structure that has been proven by hundreds of clients just like you, to be clear and easy to follow.

There are several key features of this organization and you can read more about each topic if you click on the highlighted topics :

  1. All recurring household income comes into the household checking account, and if you are married, you share this account with your spouse. All your monthly expenses are paid out of this account including your Blue Points.
  2. You have a small cushion at the end of each month in your household checking account.
  3. You have a Rainy Day Savings/Annual Needs account for unplanned, required, non-discretionary expenses like a car repair. This is also where you save for your Annual Needs each month. This is an active account that you save into and withdraw from monthly or several times a year usually.
  4. You have an Emergency Savings account for TOTAL LOSS OF INCOME due to a job loss, divorce or disabling injury or illness. You would never touch this money if you do not have an event like the ones listed above.
  5. Get used to your household checking account going down to just a few hundred dollars at its lowest point in the month. That means you are saving the right amount!
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